Pay Per Click (PPC)

The Most Effective and Modernized 360-Degree Approach to Paid Marketing

The strategy towards making your site visible has been affected tremendously lately over the past couple of years, and it is not only restricted to promoting yourself through Bing Ads or simply Adwords campaigns. It has something more to it to make it really effective. For immediate increase in visibility of your website, boosting the in-flow of traffic, and most importantly achieving a higher conversion rate through your corporate website, Pay-Per-Click advertising is gaining popularity in light of ever-increasing number of competitors

Ditleydesign Potential for Successful Implementation of PPC Campaigns

At Ditleydesign, we undertake the most effective quality-over-quantity route to our accomplishments. Our efforts are targeted solely to increase your returns on ad spends to make it a fruitful and profitable affair for you. With dedicated account managers, we run these PPC campaigns successfully, yet stay well within the limits of your stipulated time and budget for these campaigns.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

4 E's Defining Our Core Competency

We create meaningful ad campaigns that are aesthetically designed and well aligned with your core business objectives to improve your return on investments and to maximize their effectiveness. We entirely believe in the one-single thought that for any paid marketing campaign, our core success lies in the following:

  • Extensive research and most-advanced analytics by certified specialists
  • Extreme focus on quality
  • Exhaustive analysis of competitors and target market
  • Effortful and diligent testing before any launch of PPC campaign

Ditleydesign Crystal-Clear Roadmap to Successful PPC:

  • Critical keyword and competitor analysis
  • Setting up meaningful ad campaigns
  • Effective bid management
  • Designing and driving ads
  • Testing, implementation and publication
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Real-time campaign management
  • Reporting of results
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